Message from Founder & CEO

Thank you for your interest in The Strong Source Holdings Company. Since 2006, Mr.Soe set trading business and tried to grow the holdings till now.

We decided that I and my state holders are running on the platform that sound be:

  • High-quality products and services
  • Excellent returns to our business units.
  • Strong support to the communities where we do businesses and
  • A good place to work.

Strong Source Holdings is committed to our state holders and customers through relation and media. Our quality state holders and services are very important to our customers throughout running with business relationship.

We aim to grow by creating new businesses, while continuing to refine and improve our existing each businesses’ operations and our business units to attract growing numbers of customers, travellers, food lovers and mobile users. To achieve these goals we encourage an entrepreneurial spirit, a willingness to take risks and real mindset.

Above all, we try to be careful our businesses units and our environments. By continuing to build the intrinsic value of the Company,we believe we are doing the jobs to do the best.

Soe Naing,
Founder and CEO