Beauty In The Pot Soup Base

Savor the essence of health and beauty with every steaming pot of soup at Beauty in The Pot. Inspired by the culture of food for health, the hotpot concept offers different nourishing soup bases and the wide variety of fresh ingredients from homemade paste to premium selection that promise rich flavors coupled with abundant benefits. We are directly franchisee from Singapore and get FDA recognized for healthy food and ingredients quality.

With six different soup bases to choose from, diners are sure to find something you’re like. To create a memorable hotpot experience, please choice BITP which are all artfully prepared by our team of chefs to match seamlessly with every soup base.

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Not only for families but also friends, collages, and partner to the peaceful gathering or chilling out, there’s has quiet and independent private rooms can be the select custom subscription for different packs.

Cooling Coconut Broth

Spicy Norishing Broth

Beauty Collagen Broth