Bread and Toast

Today, we continue to fulfill the needs of our neighbors with a menu of ingredient-inspired, prepared-to-order food. When you visit one of our outlets, you’ll smell our fresh baked pastries and bread. At the Bread and Toast, our desire is to share our joy of baking and celebrate the delectable taste of artisanal bread. To all Bread & Toast lovers: please come and visit us, we promised that we all served with Heart and Bake with Love.

Flavor is the primary focus of our bakery. Our cakes and bread are made fresh daily using regional home-style recipes and local natural ingredient. When you want to make a birthday cake, office celebration or other events, just remember we stand for you.
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Try an experiment: put a piece of bread on your tongue and your tongue and nose go into action immediately. The taste buds spread all over the tongue recognize a series of flavors.

Liner Roluage Swiss Roll

Vitamin C Bread

Rainbow Cake