Canton Paradise Dim Sum

Like Hong Kong Dramas, Canton Paradise keeps you in anticipation, wanting to know what the next moment brings. Canton Paradise spells oriental chic with vibrant chirpy interiors akin to the bustling activity present in Cantonese entries.

However, the cantonese style Dim Sum is the most famous & affluent one.Cantonese style Dim Sum is representative of almost every cuisine of China. Cantonese life, Dim Sum is one of the most important part of eating culture.

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Relish the finest Cantonese fare, soak up the bustling atmosphere and pursue the love affair with the best of Hong Kong at Canton Paradise.

Steamed Molten Salted Egg Yolk Custard Piggy Bun

Hong Kong Street Style Steamed Rice Rolls With Sweet And Peanut Sauce

Deep-Fried Taro Puff With Diced Chicken