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About Glamour Beauty & Spa

Glamour Beauty & Spa started in June 2020 and available more than 81 beauty services for Gentleman and Lady. Our mission is to full-fill our customers’ desires & satisfactions for their needs with our professional stylish to be with modern designs and be a place to reduce their stress and get relax. Glamour Beauty & Spa is all in one place for beauty, elegant, graceful & perfect.

We want to deliver the quality that is unbeatable in Yangon. Our principle is to focus on the constant training of our employees, so they are always up to date with the newest trends and techniques. We want to be known for being the ultimate professionals. We believe in strong management and continuous self-development.

Our salon priorities the customer experience. So, we want our clients to experience the most comfortable and friendly atmosphere out there. We want to be known for our exceptional dedication to our guests’ well being. Customers’ satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Our salon values individual approaches and personalized experiences. Our main goal is to give every client the exact treatment they want to have. We favor originality and individuality and therefore, we will go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver the most accurate effect possible. We want our customers to be able to fully express themselves with their new look.

Address: Building No. 218, 3rd Floor, Hanthawaddy Road, Kamayut Township, Times City, Yangon.
Our Hotline Phone Numbers
📱 09 263 333 711
📱 09 263 333 722
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Our Service are
1. Hair Cutting Services
2. Shampoo
3. Hair Perm
4. Hair Color
5. Hair Straight
6. Hair Treatment
7. Nail Section
8. Make-up Section
9. Eyelash Extension Section
10. Spa & Massage Sections and more.




Hair Color

Hair Treatment

Hair Straight