Mai Soong Kha

It is a traditional restaurant where you can have the various kinds of Shan Food in one place. We emphasize the ingredients to be fresh and clean. Not only the meal but also the service are offered in a high quality to our customers. It is a place to feel comfy and classy while you are dining.

We focus on the products as well as the service including training the employees’ behavior to fulfil the customers’ satisfaction. The materials in this restaurant are high quality to keep the area cleanliness and the food are prepared in hygienic conditions. As it is a restaurant representing the national tribe of Shan, the interior is especially designated to indicate the Shan tradition so that the consumers can observe some of the Shan customs partially.

Kantharyar Shopping Center, Coner of Kan Yeik Thar Road and U Aung Myat Road Yangon.
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Our Mai Soong Kha Restaurant are warmly & welcoming to greatly services to served in our precious customer.

Spicy Sour Pork

Spicy Prawn Salad

Sweet and Sour Minced Chicken