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“TEABRARY” is a wordplay of TEA and LIBRARY. It signifies our team’s desire to acquire tea knowledge. Fusion tea creation becomes an artform with our knowledge of the over 1000 tea varieties and the optimal brewing techniques for each tea type. Teabrary will always deliver the best to you.

Teabrary was founded in December 2018 in Hong Kong, led by a team of veterans, with 30 years of experience in tea sourcing and production from the tea industry. Our vision is to expand the consumption of tea through knowledge sharing and delightful creations with high-quality ingredients. To ensure that our recipes keep up with the times, we will evolve with the times & build a brand you can trust through the generations.

Teabrary celebrates Soft Opening on 11th August and Grand Opening on 18th August at Times City Complex. Teabrary have 40 kinds of tea products including our Premium Tea, Frappe, Tea Presso, Fresh Fruity, Signature Dessert Series, Artisanal Crafted Dessert Tea, Cold Brew Tea, Cheesiato, Specialty Tea & Teabrary Cafe. We assured that our tea provide you to stay fresh & motivated every time you drink.


Teabrary Location

No. 22, Citywalk Foodies, Between Jewellery Mall & Office Tower (3), Ground Floor, Times City Complex, Hanthawaddy Road, Kamayut Township, Yangon.

☎ – 09 799 582 222

If you want to know more about information, you can visit onTeabrary official Facebook Page.

Teabrary Product Menu

Teabrary Product Menu

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We have Premium Tea, Tea Presso, Signature Dessert Series, Cheesiato, Speciality Tea, Teabrary Frappe, Fresh Fruity, Artisanal Crafted Dessert Tea, Cold Brew Tea & Teabrary Cafe and also we have 8 toppings to give you pleasure & freshness. Come to Teabrary to enjoy the best tea taste of Taiwan.

Garden Strawberry Green Tea Cheesiato

Jasmine Green Tea Cheesiato

Jasmine Green Tea with Strawberry Jelly

Jasmine Green Tea with Ume Jelly

Milk Tea with Crème Cheese

Teabrary Yuan Yang